Spawn Actor

This Task will spawn the provided Actor.


  • Actor Class
    • The class of the Actor to be spawned.
  • Location
    • Source
      • The Context Target Type to use as the Source location of the Actors spawn location.
    • Location Offset
      • An additional offset, in local space, that can be used in conjunction with the Socket location.
    • Rotation
      • Rotation to apply to the spawn location.
    • Socket
      • Name of the Socket/Bone to use for the initial spawn location.
    • Use Socket Rotation
      • If true, the Socket/Bone's rotation will be used in addition to the location.
  • Initial Velocity
    • Velocity to assign to the Actor once it spawns.
  • Set Owner
    • If true, the Owner of the Actor is set to the Context Target Type provided in the Owner property.
  • Owner
    • The Context Target Type to use as the Owner of the Actor.
  • Attach To Owner Socket
    • If true, the Actor will be attached to the provided Owner Socket.
  • Socket
    • The name of the Socket/Bone to attach the Actor to.
  • Inherit Velocity
    • If true, the Actor will inherit the Owner's velocity (in addition to the Initial Velocity property).
  • Transient
    • If true, the Actor is marked as Transient and will never be saved to disk/etc.
  • Destroy On End
    • If true, the Actor is destroyed at the end of the Task.


  • Realm
    • This task executes on the Server only. Ignored in non-networked games.


  • Start Time
    • When to begin this Task.
  • End Time
    • When to end this Task.


Release Notes / Revision History

  • 1.0