Collision Query

This Task does a shape based query on the collision world.


  • Query Shape
    • The shape to use in the query. Supports Box, Cone, Sphere, and Capsule shapes. See Targeting for an overview of each shape and the various properties for each.
  • Fire Event
    • If true, after the Collision Query is done the Task will call the OnCollisionEvent method on the Ability.
  • Name
    • This name will be passed along with the query results in the OnCollisionEvent method on the Ability.
  • Filters
  • Copy to Context
    • If true, the results will be copied into the Ability Context's Target Actors array. See Ability Context for more details.
  • Allow Duplicates
    • If using the Copy to Context option, this option determines whether or not to allow duplicate Actors within the Target Actors array.


  • Realm
    • Which Realm (Client/Server) to run this Task on. Note: Server Realm still executes on the Local Player Controlled Client for simulation purposes. Ignored if non-networked game.


  • Start Time
    • When to begin this Task.
  • End Time
    • This option is hidden as it is controlled by the Task. By default it will run for a single frame, but if the Shape uses Async queries it takes 2 frames (1 to dispatch the query and 1 to receive and process the query).


Return TypeNameParametersDescription
  • (UAblAbilityContext) AbilityContext - The Ability Context of this Ability.
  • (FName) EventName - The Event name from the Task that made this call.
  • (Array<UAblQueryResult>) HitEntities - An Array of the various Entities that were hit by our query.
Called by tasks that process Collision queries if their Fire Event property is set.

Release Notes / Revision History

  • 1.0