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Let's Party

How to create, and play, a simple Ability.

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Everybody Party

Building a more advanced Ability from the Let's Party tutorial.

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Animation How-to

How to setup an Ability Animation State Node as part of your Animation's State Machine.

Simple Combo Ability

In this video, we setup some simple branch logic to form a combo.

Dynamic Damage Calculation

In this video, we dynamically decide how much Damage to apply to a target based on their armor or any other Gameplay Tag.

Chain Lightning

In this video, we create an Ability that uses some simple logic to find other targets and propagate to them, causing a chain reaction.

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Burning Man

In this video, we create dynamic interactions using Gameplay Tags. We also do a deeper dive into how Able works, what "Stateless" means, and how you can add custom damage logic.

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Shooter Game Example

In this video, we use Able to create various gun behaviors (a chain gun and rocket launcher) for Shooter game with some multiplayer at the end.

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Dedicated Server Test

This is a simple project that uses a Dedicated Server with Able. Pressing LMB will fire a simple Ability. This Project can be used to diagnose any issues in your own projects (by examining how things are setup in this project).

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