Raycast Query

This Task does a raycast based collision query.


  • Length
    • The length of the ray.
  • Only Return Blocking Hit
    • If true, the query will only return the blocking Actor. If false, it will return all Actors including the blocking actor.
  • Location
    • Source
      • The Context Target Type to use as the Source location of this query.
    • Location Offset
      • An additional offset, in local space, that can be used in conjunction with the Socket location.
    • Rotation
      • Rotation to apply to the query location for the Raycast.
    • Socket
      • Name of the Socket/Bone to use for the initial query location.
    • Use Socket Rotation
      • If true, the Socket/Bone's rotation will be used in addition to the location.
  • Collision Channel
    • The Collision Channel to run this query against. See the official documentation for more information on Collision Channels.
  • Fire Event
    • If true, the Task will call the Ability's OnRaycastEvent Blueprint method and pass along the results of the query.
  • Name
    • An optional name parameter that is passed along with the results in the OnRaycastEvent Blueprint method.
  • Copy to Context
    • If true, the results will be copied into the Ability Context's Target Actors array. See Ability Context for more details.
  • Allow Duplicates
    • If using the Copy to Context option, this option determines whether or not to allow duplicate Actors within the Target Actors array.


  • Realm
    • Which Realm (Client/Server) to run this Task on. Note: Server Realm still executes on the Local Player Controlled Client for simulation purposes. Ignored in non-networked games.


  • Use Async Query
    • If true, the query will be done using an Async Collision call. This can be more performant as it doesn't require waiting for the results of the query and instead just retrieves them during the following frame.


  • Start Time
    • When to begin this Task.
  • End Time
    • Hidden as it is programmatically controlled by the task itself. If using the Async Query option the task will take 2 frames, otherwise it will only take 1 frame.


Return TypeNameParametersDescription
  • (UAblAbilityContext) AbilityContext - The Ability Context of this Ability.
  • (FName) EventName - The Event name from the Task that made this call.
  • (Array<FHitResults>) HitEntities - An Array of the various Entities that were hit by our raycast.
This event is called by any tasks that deal with raycasts and have their Fire Event property set.

Release Notes / Revision History

  • 1.0