This Task will branch into another Ability if the assigned conditions are met. This task always runs on the Self Actor.


  • Ability
    • The Ability to branch into.
  • Conditions
    • The conditions that must be passed to branch into the Ability.
    • Current Conditions Types:
      • Always
        • Always succeeds.
      • Input
        • Succeeds if the assigned input action is pressed during the length of the task.
        • Note that this condition requires an Input Action rather than a raw input. This is to allow it to work with key mapping. For more information, see this article.
      • Custom
        • Calls the CustomCanBranchTo method on the Ability. If that method returns true, the condition succeeds.
  • Must Pass All Conditions
    • If true, all the conditions must be passed in order to branch to the Ability. By default only one condition needs to pass.


  • Realm
    • This task is always executed on both Client and Server. Ignored in non-networked games.


  • Start Time
    • When to begin this Task.
  • End Time
    • When to end this Task. Conditions are checked every frame until the End Time, so be careful about having extremely long branch tasks.

Return TypeNameParametersDescription
  • (UAblAbilityContext) AbilityContext - The Ability Context of this Ability.
  • (UAblAbility) BranchAbility- The Ability we are attempting to branch to.
This event is called by the Custom Branch Conditional. Since this task always executes on the Self Actor, you can get that Actor from the Ability Context if needed.

Release Notes / Revision History

  • 1.0