Apply Damage

This Task does damage calculation using the Ability's CalculateDamageForActor Blueprint method and applies that damage via Unreal's Apply Damage method.


  • Damage Amount
    • The base damage this Task will apply. If there is no override setup for CalculateDamageForActor in the Ability Blueprint, then this is the final amount of damage.
  • Damage Source
  • Damage Targets
  • Event Name
    • An optional identifier to use when
  • Use Async Calculate
    • If true, the system will distribute all the CalculateDamageForActor calls across the Task Graph - allowing for multiple cores to pick up some of the work.


  • Realm
    • Which Realm (Client/Server) to run this Task on. Note: Server Realm still executes on the Local Player Controlled Client for simulation purposes. Ignored in non-networked games.


  • Start Time
    • When to begin this Task.
  • End Time
    • This task is always 1 frame.

Return TypeNameParametersDescription
  • (UAblAbilityContext) AbilityContext - The Ability Context for this Ability
  • (FName) EventName - The Event Name passed to this method from the task.
  • (Float) BaseDamage - The base (Default) damage from the task.
  •  (AActor) Actor - The actor the damage is being calculated for.

If your game needs to do things like check resistances, skills, or any other types of combat math - this is where you would do it.

NOTE: If you are using Async Calculate - be sure your blueprint scripting logic is thread safe.

Release Notes / Revision History

  • 1.0