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The Ability Context is the setup for the Ability's runtime. Tasks and other segments of the Ability reference various actors within the Context using Context Target Types. On this page we'll be exploring the various Target Types and what they mean, as well as the various Blueprint methods you can use to get information about the Ability from the Context. This knowledge is important due to when you are interacting with an Ability through Blueprints, you will generally be accessing data through the Ability Context.

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The Self Target Type refers to the Actor that is currently executing the Ability. If Player A is executing a Fireball Ability, the Self Actor would be Player A. The Self Actor is automatically set by C++ once the Ability Context is created.


The Camera Target Type references the current camera of the Self target type. It is mainly used to by location based Task properties to get the Camera transform. Setting the Target of a Task (for example, Apply Damage) to Camera will simply return the Self Actor.Image Removed

Blueprint Library Methods